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[TV broadcast in Japan] Sendai (ox) TV Series (ox) TV scheduled date: 4/1 (sat) 26:58 #1 ~#4 4/2 (sun) 26:55 #5 ~#8
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Exhibited at MIPCOM 2016
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3/25~3/27 Exhibited at AnimeJapan2016(CREi Inc. TBS Service)
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2016: The 8 episode run of 3DCG Animation “Tokyo Twins Athletic Tournament” will be shown this Autumn. (6 minutes per episode).


Twins vs. twins in an athletic showdown. Winners take all.

Having cleared the preliminaries, twenty-four pairs of twins face gargantuan challenges on an enormous athletic field. On this man-made island in Tokyo Bay, the bonds between twins are pushed to the limit in the Ultimate Athletic Tournament!

The tournament consists of three insanely difficult obstacle courses. Teamwork and human drama are forged within these grueling challenges.

Participants are limited to twins, but exactly what constitutes a "twin" is unclear, resulting in some unusual pairings. In the past, controversial appearances have included clones, adopted siblings, or triplets in shifts.


This Year's Players to Watch

Handsome Part-Timers

Takeru & Tsuyoshi Moroboshi

25 years old. Full-time part-timers. This pair, known as "Mr. Handsome", has participated in the tournament more than any other team. They have a reproduction obstacle course in their neighbor's garden, which they rebuild every time it gets destroyed. Their hobby is making "kamaboko" fish cakes.

New Asian Bird-men

Yutaka & Shigeru Miyazaki

Olympic pole-vaulters and former record holders in Japan. 28 years old. They always aim higher, and thus have their sights set on absolute tournament victory. Businessmen at a major firm. Their motivation exceeds the value of their paychecks, which is already pretty high. They enjoy watching baseball.

Maid in Japan

Natsumi & Harumi Ozawa

University students. 21 years old. They dress in cute maid costumes in the hopes of catching the eye of a rich CEO who will employ them as his secretaries. Each frill on their order-made costumes is weighted for training purposes. They are known for their aggressive Dip.

Men Who Make it Rain Rice

Ichiro & Jiro Ozu

Sushi Chefs. 61 years old. Masters of a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. With Ichiro manning the right hand and Jiro the left, the two work in perfect harmony to make a single sushi. However, it's much faster and tastes better if they make each piece alone. When people call out “Master!” they reply “Yes!” in unison.

Passionate Beach Amazonians

Sophia & Isabelle Costa

Beach volleyball players. 24 years old. Joined the tournament believing it to be beach volleyball. Hot-headed and rash, they spiked a ball at manager's head upon discovering they'd been tricked. The execution of the maneuver gained them many fans. Representing Brazil in the tournament.

Mr. Safety Drive

Ken & Ryo Kurosawa

Taxi drivers. 52 years old. Motivated to join the tournament after listening to live coverage on their car radios. Trained by walking in the pool, but never managed to make it to the other end, a mere 25 meters away. By gaining supremacy in the tournament they hope to change their taxi signs from "On Duty" to "On Top".

Russian to the Top of the Food Chain

Yuri & Lazarus Reventrov

Hammer throwers. 27 years old. They look aggressive, but are kindhearted men who love flowers and vodka. Their Bounding is deployed from muscles so massive they could likely kill a bear.(Kills: 3.) Representing Russia in the tournament.

The Fighting Fraternal Odd Couple

Ryuichi & Hideo Chiba

The elder is a nationally registered dietitian, the younger a pro wrestler. 27 years old. The only thing they seem to have in common is their shoe size. This prompted Tournament headquarters to perform a Genealogical DNA test. As it turns out, they are indeed fraternal twins.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Official Tournament Merchandise is Coming Soon.

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Toru Nara


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Meguru Saito

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